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Allen & Health QU-32C Mixer

Allen & Health QU-32C Mixer
Allen & Health QU-32C Mixer
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Allen & Health QU-32C Mixer
Allen & Health QU-32C Mixer
Allen & Health QU-32C Mixer
Allen & Health QU-32C Mixer features : Qu-32’s built-in audio interface streams up to 32 selectable tracks to your Mac or PC and returns from the computer can be easily assigned to the Input channels. The interface is class-compliant on Mac OS X making it truly plug ‘n play and will be recognized straight away by any DAW supporting Core Audio, including Logic, Cubase, Reaper, and Pro Tools. An ASIOTM and WDM compatible driver is available for Windows computers. Standard MIDI control is tunnelled over the USB connection so you can map the faders to the tracks of your favourite DAW. A DAW Control driver is available for easy setup and emulation of HUI or Mackie Control protocols on Mac OS X and Windows systems. Signal Processing. Gain/Trim Range. Line: ... Digital Audio. Sample Rates. 48 kHz. ... Performance. dBFS Reference Level. +18 dBu = 0 dBFS. ... Connectivity. Analog Inputs. ... Recording. Max Multitrack Recording. ... Power. AC Input Power. ... Physical. Operating Temperature. Shop at the best price : Audio Shop Dubai Allen & Health QU-32C Mixer Allen & Health QU-32C Mixer features thirty-two AnalogiQ digitally controlled preamps with advanced zero-crossing detection and a padless 1dB-step gain stage, which have been closely allied to the DSP for optimal gain accuracy and audio transparency. The analogue signal is captured by high-class, low latency 24bit analogue to digital converters, and are matched to 24bit digital to analogue converters to deliver the required high quality output. The AnalogiQTM preamp design has been refined to offer superb transparency, minimal distortion and an ultra-low noise floor, with a warm, musical sound that is missing from some digital consoles. Having massive processing power and advanced functionality counts for nothing if you can’t access the controls you need in a heartbeat. The 800×480, True Colour Touchscreen and its dedicated rotary encoder form the heart of Qu-32’s interface, providing super-fast access to all settings and parameters. Dedicated keys and screen tabs quickly guide you to meter and RTA views, FX racks, channel processing, USB audio control, scenes, setup menus and much more. Complementing the touchscreen is the SuperStrip – a set of single function physical controls for instant access to gain, HPF, 4 band PEQ, gate, compressor, GEQ and pan. The screen overview also follows the control being turned.  

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