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Brand: Allen & Health Model: SKU 13278
Following up on the success of the legendary Xone:92 DJ mixer, the Allen & Heath Xone:96 is a modern performance mixer for turntables and laptops to synthesizers, drum machines, and effects pedals. With a total of six input channels, two dedicated FX sends, four aux stereo return channels, and inser..
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Brand: Allen & Health Model: SKU 13246
Forget the fancy bells and whistles - if you're a old-school DJ looking for rock-solid gear to build your rig around, then the Allen & Heath Xone:23 2+2 analog mixer is all you could ask for. Two stereo inputs feed each of the Xone:23's VCA-fader-controlled channels, providing you with smooth contro..
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Brand: Allen & Health Model: SKU 13252
Designed for DJs and electronic music purists, the Allen and Heath Xone:43 mixer offers a high level of sound quality and control. The Xone:43 sports four channels of phono/line input, plus an additional mic/aux input - perfect for adding a vocal mic without wasting another channel. You also have an..
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Brand: Allen & Health Model: SKU 13258
With its built-in USB audio interface, the Allen & Heath Xone:43C DJ mixer simplifies your rig by eliminating the need for an external interface. The Xone:43C sports four channels of phono/USB/line input, plus an additional mic/aux input - perfect for adding a vocal mic without wasting another chann..
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Brand: Allen & Health Model: SKU 13272
The Allen & Heath XONE:92 features 4 BAND EQ controls rather than the usual 3 for greater creativity. Each band has a safe +6dB boost. The HI and LO bands have infinite attenuation (total kill) with a sharp 12dB/oct roll-off and the XONE:92's MID bands have a massive -30dB of cut, enough to shape yo..
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Brand: Allen & Health Model: SKU 13284
Redefine your DJ rig with an Allen & Heath Xone:DB4 digital DJ mixer! Quite possibly the most advanced 4-channel DJ mixer money can buy, the Allen & Heath Xone:DB4 puts a world of flexible routing, must-have tools, and freakishly powerful effects at your fingertips. Each of the Xone:DB4's channels c..
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Brand: Allen & Health Model: SKU 13264
Allen & Heath's 4-channel Xone:PX5 is a rock-solid and fully loaded mixer that's perfect for any DJ looking to run a hybrid analog/digital rig. Its four stereo input channels come with all the bread-and-butter processing and effect routing seasoned DJs expect from A&H, including 3-band EQs with -inf..
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