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Brand: Audio Technica Model: AT2020USB+
If you are looking for the best condenser USB Microphone with decent price in UAE, AT2020USB+ is the perfect microphone. Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ Condenser Microphone is equipped with a USB output, the AT2020USB+ is designed for digitally capturing music or any acoustic audio source using your fav..
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Brand: Audio Technica Model: SKU 17834
ATR2500x USB Condenser Microphone is a great and professional mic for every music lovers ! Ideal for podcasting, home studio recording, field recording, and voiceover use, the ATR2500x-USB plugs into your computer or other device, and functions seamlessly with your favorite recording software. This ..
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Ex Tax:د.إ550.00
Behringer C-1U USB Studio Condenser Microphone Behringer C-1U USB Studio Condenser Microphone
-27 %
Brand: Behringer Model: SKU 11750
Behringer C-1U Condenser Microphone is the professional microphone with the great performance to exact the best sound quality at the best price. Professional, large-diaphragm condenser microphone with built-in USB interface, ideal for podcasters and musicians Plug this amazing USB-mic straig..
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Brand: Blue Model: SKU 18679
BRING YOUR RECORDINGS OUT OF THE COLD From the best-selling Yeti USB microphone family comes Yeti Pro—the first condenser microphone that captures ultra-high resolution 24-bit/192kHz digital recordings on your desktop, and connects to professional recording equipment in the studio. Featuring three ..
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Brand: Blue Model: SKU 18817
Yeti USB Mic for Professional Recording Create unparalleled recordings with your computer using Blue's best-selling Yeti USB microphone. Thanks to our proprietary tri-capsule technology, Yeti microphones produce pristine, studio-quality recordings with legendary ease. And four different pattern set..
Ex Tax:د.إ1,250.00
Brand: BOYA Model: SKU 10750
Product Highlights: • Compatible with Windows and Mac Computers • Triple-capsule design • Stereo, cardioid, omnidirectional, and bi-directional polar patterns • 16 Bit/48 kHz Resolution • Muting function • 1/8" Headphone Monitoring Jack • Latency-Free Monitoring • Desktop Stand • Durable..
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BY-DM100 USB Condensor Microphone BY-DM100 USB Condensor Microphone
-13 %
Brand: BOYA Model: SKU 10755
Products Highlights • Digital Stereo X/YCondenser Mic • Cardioid Polar Pattern • Improved Sensitivity & Signal to Noise • Plug and Play • 24-bit/96KHz Converter • Also includes Carrying Pouch Product Description USB Type-C Digital Stereo Microphone The BOYA BY-DM100 is a profe..
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Fifine k669B Metal Condenser Recording Microphone Fifine k669B Metal Condenser Recording Microphone
-19 %
Brand: Fifine Microphone Model: SKU 15274
Fifine k669B Condenser Microphone features "Plug 'n Play USB Recording Microphone : The Usb recording microphone plugs right in and can be used immediately. Since it is strictly USB, both PC and Mac users will benefit. Compatible with PC and Mac.Ready to use when and where you need it. The Recording..
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Ex Tax:د.إ179.00
Fifine K670 USB Microphone Fifine K670 USB Microphone
-24 %
Brand: Fifine Microphone Model: SKU 15281
Features of fifine K670 USB Microphone Smooth, flat frequency response of 50Hz-15kHz,16 mm diaphragm catching transients and high frequency content while delivering a slightly fuller, round and potentially warmer sound.Good for podcasting, gaming, voiceover work, and streaming games on Twitch.(..
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Ex Tax:د.إ265.00
Brand: Fifine Microphone Model: SKU 15351
Fifine K678 USB Microphone w/Headphone Jack, Monitoring & Input Gain Control. USB mic could overrun for its XLR setup simplicity. But it is not even close to new if the mic is just plugged & play on Windows, Mac or Linux. On FIFINE latest USB mic, you will get the combination of practicality and pla..
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Ex Tax:د.إ397.00
Fifine K730 USB Desktop Microphone for Recording & Podcasting - Condenser Microphone Fifine K730 USB Desktop Microphone for Recording & Podcasting - Condenser Microphone
-21 %
Brand: Fifine Microphone Model: SKU 15356
Fifine K730 USB Microphone F/ Recording Podcasting Condenser Microphone is your computer's perfect partner for recording vocals and acoustic instruments. Features : Plug 'n Play USB Microphone: Improve the Sound of Your Audio Projects. Compatible with PC and Mac: Ready to use when and whe..
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Brand: Fifine Microphone Model: SKU 16319
Enables simple setup. USB microphone set is convenient plug-and-play solutions to meet your various needs. Works automatically with your Mac or Windows computer - no drivers required. Provides a simple and efficient system for speech, podcast, and voice over applications. Fifine K780 USB Micropho..
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Ex Tax:د.إ288.00
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